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A decision-making platform for financial services industry

Use Cases

Simplify customer onboarding

Synapze understands the complexities of a financial institution, and helps with the decision-making process by combining AI & Automation. Our solution for customer onboarding, reduces friction in your most critical customer facing process.

A Comprehensive suite of products to supercharge your customer journey


We cover your customer journey from start to make the digital lifecycle of your customer seamless. From fast onboarding in a data privacy compliant manner to providing digital audit trail for compliance, we got you covered with these offerings:

A Decision Making Platform For Financial Services Industry

Solving A $30B Onboarding Problem


Our Leadership


Chief Operating Officer

Alex oversees the business operations including sales, marketing, and product management.


Chief Technology Officer

Julian leads product development and AI functions. He is responsible for the core products and features.


Chief Executive Officer

Rohit leads the business development, marketing and investor relations part of the business.

About Synapze

Synapze is an end to end automation platform for the financial services industry which makes decision-making efficient with the power of AI. It reduces friction in the most critical process of customer onboarding.
Synapze was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced engineers who saw an opportunity to use technology to make the financial services industry more efficient and customer friendly. 

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