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Synapze has built a suite of products which helps digitize the customer onboarding process for the financial services industry from start to finish. 

Our product suite includes digital signatures, a collaborative decisioning platform driven by AI & a digital wallet which helps our customers get ready for the web3 world. 

Our products are built with data privacy by design, secure and are deployed efficiently as cloud solution.


Say goodbye to inefficient onboarding and hello to smarter banking with Axon. Our AI-powered risk rating and onboarding solution is designed to streamline the process, minimize errors, and deliver a better customer experience. With the ability to read and understand customer documents, Axon pulls the necessary compliance information for you, making onboarding faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before.


A digital signature solution which allows customers to digitally sign their documents in the onboarding process to further reduce the friction. The same tool is also used to digitally sign all the incoming customer submissions in form of documents. This creates a sound basis for a legally binding digital audit trail, where it can be proven that the document is unaltered since the time of the decision.

The signature solution can be used as a standalone module, complies to the rigorous rules of the European Union


At Synapze we strongly believe that data duplication needs to be minimized. As such, a customer applying for multiple services with the same data, within your organization, should be allowed to reuse the same data without having to send it to multiple stakeholders.

We plan to build a Financial Readiness Wallet where the customer's data resides and the risk rating process is concluded within the wallet. Your customer enjoys the luxury of not sending same data repeatedly nor worry about data leakage. Your institution doesn't have to store data provided to you by non-customers for 10 years, thus reducing the burden on the organization
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