AXON: The End-to-End CDD Solution

Revolutionize Your Decision-Making Process With AI And Automation

Enhance your onboarding & decisioning process with Synapze’s state-of-the-art AI-powered platform, AXON. Experience increased efficiency and reduced compliance risks as AXON streamlines your onboarding process.


Why Choose Axon As Your Decision-Making Platform?

Unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability, while providing your customers with a seamless onboarding experience

Unlock valuable insights from unstructured documents – Make more informed decisions and drive better outcomes

Track potential risks in real-time with our advanced monitoring solutions.

AI Powered Document Intelligence

Entity Management

Case Management

Keep Up With Changing Regulations Using Our Adaptive Platform

Effortlessly manage risk with our no-code settings, allowing you to quickly adapt to regulatory changes and adjust your methodology without any programming expertise needed.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tools With Our Platform

Our integrations help simplify your decision-making process by seamlessly connecting with your existing tools.

With our platform as the automation layer, you can speed up your onboarding, reduce errors and improve compliance, all while using the tools you already know and trust. 

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